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New York State Department of Education Info

Buyers ALWAYS ask agents, "Is this house in a good School District?" Not only is it illegal to answer but, it is considered steering and only THEIR opinion. The truth is you need answers but, get them properly. Another question is, do they really know what you mean by your question? You are responsible for doing your own research at a reliable source. In the link below, you will be given the information to determine what is the proper School District for your learner by searching through the New York State Department of Education's website. It is the only place where you will receive unskewed information, no articles, no opinions, just facts. Is your student "gifted and talented"? Do they need a good Special Education Department because they have an IEP? 


To learn more follow the link below to begin to navigate the website:


Example: School District X Graduation Rates of the past Graduating class year


Scroll to the bottom left and you will see under "Popular Topics" click on the topic "School Report Cards."


At the top of the screen click on the word "Districts" Next click on the letter of the District, this has any and every School District's information in all of New York State! 


At the chosen School District, under "School Data"click "High School Graduation Rates." 

This will show you how many students Graduated and with what type of Graduate degree.

In New York, there are different levels of degrees and other and other information indexed.


If you have any specific information or questions you must search the School District by name on Google or any other search engine and find the Office of Curriculum & Instruction or Department of Special Education to get more information. Districts will provide information directing you to a Principal, Grade Level Teacher or Specialist to ask your questions regarding services and programs. 

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