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melanie Kalmaer Lichaa

Melanie Kalmaer (Lichaa)

Licensed RE Salesperson
Bona Fide Fine Homes & Estates
Direct: 917.400.6506

Melanie Kalmaer (Lichaa), is a Licensed RE Salesperson at Bona Fide Fine Homes & Estates and native of Long Island, who has always embraced a passion for education, creativity, sales and real estate. With an impressive Ivy League academic background and a wealth of experience, Melanie has become a prominent figure in the Long Island real estate industry, known for her unique blend of artistic insight and educational prowess.

Born and raised on Long Island, Melanie's intellectual pursuits led her to Columbia University, Teachers College, where she attained not one, but two Masters degrees. Her dedication to education led her to become a permanently certified New York State Art Educator for students grades K-12. Throughout her teaching career, she developed a profound understanding of diverse learning styles, employing auditory, visual, and tactile approaches to reach all learners effectively which she brings to all her clients.

Transitioning into the world of real estate, Melanie seamlessly combined her artistic background and educational expertise to excel in her new endeavor. Commencing her real estate journey in 2008, Melanie's initial experience in decorative painting and staging gave her a unique edge in understanding the aesthetics of properties and effectively showcasing their potential.

As part of a dynamic partnership, Melanie rose to the ranks of the Top 2% of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, a testament to her dedication and exceptional skills. Specializing in the Roslyn area, Melanie's influence extends across Nassau and Suffolk counties, where she has successfully brokered deals spanning a wide range of values, from $200,000 to well over $3,000,000.

Melanie's artistic background lends her a distinctive perspective in the real estate realm. Her experience as an artist, educator, and teacher enables her to approach each transaction with patience, knowledge, and a remarkable ability to simplify complex matters for sellers. This innate ability to communicate effectively sets her apart, making her an educator and advocate for all her clients at every step of the real estate process.

A true enthusiast of her craft, Melanie revels in promoting her property videos and personally crafting her advertising materials. Her passion for design and staging coupled with her dedication to ensuring her clients' success, showcases her commitment to delivering results beyond expectations.
Melanie Kalmaer's journey from an educator to a top-tier real estate professional is a testament to her versatility and unwavering commitment to excellence. Her unique blend of skills, passion, and professionalism makes her a standout figure in the real estate landscape, and a reliable partner for buyers and sellers alike.

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