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About Us

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Bona Fide Realtors

What Bona Fide Delivers

Bona Fide Fine Homes & Estates brings the highest level of sales expertise and customer service to their clients across Long Island and the five boroughs. We at Bona Fide deliver advice and assistance with getting your home ready including: staging, decluttering, clean-out, mold remediation, leaks, plumbing & electrical issues. This in turn helps your property be the most saleable. We negotiate on each client’s behalf for the best price and terms specific to your needs. 

Getting Started

The first time we meet with you at your property, we will discuss your objectives for selling including timing, needs, attorney information, and paperwork you need to gather. We bring market sales data over the last three to twelve months in the surrounding area and school district. When it gets closer to going on the market, we discuss more specific pricing. At this initial meeting, we will discuss both suggested and necessary preparations needed in order to net the highest sale price. When we walk through each client’s home and property, we will suggest how to make your property appeal to potential buyers. After we have previewed the property, we will return with market comparable sales in a full report and together come up with a pricing strategy. 

Preparing Home/Property

Decluttering and cleaning out of a property is key to it’s marketability. We advise each client how to accentuate the best features of the home & property. We can assist in providing basic staging when necessary. We and our sister company Bona Fide Services Inc. can assist you in getting ready by packing, painting, cleanout, ground maintenance, plumbing, electrical, and other services. The goal for all our clients is to alleviate stress and unnecessary expenses when getting ready to enter the market.

You're Ready To Sell Your Home

Once you prepared the home and are ready to officially go on the market with great curb appeal, we start booking appointments for professional photographing and begin creating unique property videos for our online marketing.

Determining List Price

Pricing your home competitively at the beginning, will create more activity in and a higher net price. We strategically position each client’s property to have the most broker requests to show and buyer views which lead to higher quality offers.

Marketing Your Home

Our focus is to create the most excitement in the marketplace through our property video, targeted postcards, and targeted online ads. Consistent aggressive marketing both online and offline is the recipe for a successful sale. We like to say when a buyer comes to the property, it is the second time they have seen it due to our strategic marketing campaign.


We follow-up weekly once we get feedback from showings via text, email or phone - your choice. We also send reports through out the listing period regarding clicks, views and showings. Each month we review feedback, review and evaluate our pricing strategy together.

We Are There

For every showing, every buyer and broker inspection, home inspection and every Open House. You can count on us.

Processing the Sale & Closing

Every step of the transaction we educate clients regarding the process. Each offer is reviewed and scrutinized, including terms and preapprovals. We verify all information given, including all prequalification information as well as verifying proof of funds for down payment. Investigating the strength of each buyer’s offer is the most the important tasks when assessing a buyer’s financial health and ability to complete the transaction successfully. We always negotiate on behalf of our client’s best interest first, to obtain the highest possible net and best terms, while limiting exposure.

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